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"This application brings smart safety functions in email handlings and is optimized for individuals, home offices, home-schooling, offices, teams, and other commercial users!"

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Technical Note: As synchronizes the functions over all devices, e.g. PCs and Mobiles, it works with the email mode iMap only (not POP3). However, about 90% of users having the iMAP mode activated.

Secure preview of messages from unknown senders
Avoid uncontrolled, spontaneous clicking
All attachments excluded policy
Easy activation of the desired senders
Automatic blocking for unwanted senders
Easily block entire spammer URLs
Inbox cleanup: 100% less for returning spammers
Low costs: Less than 1 cent per account/per day
No Application is shared with other users. Thus, all data are kept isolated & safe!

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Family & Friends

User Protection

Kids security training



Spam avoiding

Scam mitigation

15 Email Accounts

365-days Protection

Hosted in MS Azure

Teams & Talents

Law Offices

Medical Pratices



Spam avoiding

Scam mitigation

45 Email Accounts

365-days Protection

Hosted in MS Azure

Companies & Creators




Leadership liability

Spam avoiding

Scam midigation

90 Email Accounts

365-days Protection

Hosted in MS Azure

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